urbanB and I will move into our new apartment on Saturday.

Me being currently unemployed, of course, means it is a perfect opportunity for inspiration — via obsession.  I have nothing else to think about other than finding a job.  And that is depressing. So–moving on…

I love Urban Outfitters new Night and Day Sofa, and even though it’s a bit out of our price range, I think we might choose for it to be our splurge item.  I’ve been craving midcentury modern, but vintage sofas are extremely rare and so extremely (for us) expensive.  This UO sofa comes closest to what we (I?) want that is also close to our price range.  Plus it’s also a sofa bed, which will be great when we have guests in our little one-bedroom.

And to make up for the extra cash spent on the sofa, I’m thinking of some D.I.Y. wine crate shelving, which I read about over at Apartment Therapy.

The Selby via AT

I also love the idea of painting the inside of the crate, or lining it with paper.


Finally, I have no idea what to do with this, but omg, I love this embroidery art by Aquarabbit featured on the Sublime Stitching blog.  Maybe I should do stuff like this…

aquarabbit_1So.  It might be months from now, but once we get everything set up, I’ll be posting some pics of our new place.


2 Comments on “Inspirationality”

  1. margauxhf says:

    I love the crate idea. It’s like a great way to add decoration to any room because you can match the way you decorate the inside of the crate to the design of the room you are putting it in. Very crafty.

  2. morganjhubbard says:

    I’ve got a couple of the wine crates serving as bookshelves at the moment (though they’re not decorated). I got them from a local wine store; they were only too happy to get rid of the things, which were going to be smashed and thrown away anyway.

    Can’t wait to visit you guys!

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