pardon me, but i’m still unemployed

this morning i heard on npr that the recession is over.  yes, morning edition asked me: “does the recession feel over to you?”

well, let’s see.  yesterday I spent four hours cleaning my parents’ house so that i could have a little extra cash.  despite my ‘amazing resume skills,’ (thanks, mom) i can’t find a job, so i’m contacting a temp agency today.  i’m considering selling the use of my body to a medical study.  and honestly?  i’m one of the privileged folks, you know, with sweet, loving, cushy parents to support me.

so, no.  the recession does not feel ‘over’ to me.


One Comment on “pardon me, but i’m still unemployed”

  1. temphottie says:

    Thanks for your blog post. I agree; I do not feel like the recession is over either :-(

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