It’s a quilt!

I’ve taken up sewing in recent months — notably when I found a free sewing machine in our laundry room in New York — and so I’ve put it to good use.

About a month ago, soon after I moved back to Minnesota, I hung out with my cousin Maren for a week.  We both like to sew, and so we had a sewing week together!  I was hesitant when she suggested making a quilt (each of us making our own); I didn’t think we would actually finish them.  But by the time she left all we had to do was the quilting and the binding!

I finally finished mine a few days ago.  Here’s the result:


IMG_4579All right, Mar… your turn!!!


2 Comments on “It’s a quilt!”

  1. Elizabeth J. Vogt says:

    Awesome! It looks great–very funky and fun! I saw Maren’s when she brought it out to the farm to get some help on quilting it. I’m so thrilled and proud of both of you!

  2. Maren says:

    Ahh!! It’s so beautiful! I love how it looks on your bed. Yes, I still need to finish mine. Clearly I am behind…

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