things in life are going pretty well right now.  there is a possibility for it all crashing down, but until then, here’s a list of things i’m happy about and thankful for:

1) first trader joe’s check is officially deposited into bank account. *relief*

2) gossip girl and glee.  ESPECIALLY glee. i seem to have a natural affinity for tv shows beginning with ‘g’ (let us not forget the continuing obsession with gilmore girls…)

3) TWO amazing interviews for what is essentially my (post-sem entry-level) dream job (in minnesota).  faith-based advocacy at the minnesota legislature? a salary that means i can pay off my loans and live somewhere and eat and even maybe get a haircut AND from time to time go out to eat? a job that utilizes my degree and is intellectually and spiritually stimulating?  damn.  I’LL TAKE IT.  (now can you just offer it to me? please?)

4) dinner with other post-sem unionites tuesday night.  a huge breath of crisp, fresh, lovely air, omfg.  conversation included: poor lost coco the cocker spaniel, suburban epicopal churches, evaluation of minneapolis, the gay nineties, young ministers in the tc, missing (and not-so-much missing) union… it sounds maybe just like a normal evening with friends.  but to me, it felt like this:

so happy kid

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postsem pretty over function

It’s been about a month since B and I moved into our new place, and I *finally* unpacked our final box today.  In a flurry of labor (clearly in honor of Labor Day weekend…?) I set to work setting up our bookcases, which we have gratefully inherited from my parents (and the second of which we also finally received today).

When I was in seminary, all my books had to be arranged by category, so it would be easy for me to find them when I needed them: biblical studies, bibles, texts, and greek/hebrew lexicons, theology and ethics, preaching and worship, and then my for-fun section (which contains mostly literature and crafting books).  Very functional, but not very pretty.

And bwa ha ha, now that B is the one in school maintaining a functional lifestyle, I get to have as much pretty in my book collection as I want!  Which means that Harry Potter gets filed next to — yes — Mujerista Theology and Violent Origins (a book about the violent origins of ancient proto-christian traditions, duh).  Why, you might ask? Because I am arranging my books by COLOR.

'Harry Potter' nestles up to 'The Wolf shall lie with the Lamb'

'Harry Potter' nestles up to 'The Wolf shall lie with the Lamb'

It’s no new idea.  And my bookshelves are hindered by two main features: 1) I don’t have enough books for as brilliant colorways (have you noticed the Gilmore Girls DVDs yet?), and 2) B refuses to include his DVDs, which must of course be ordered alphabetically.  Function.  Psssh.  Who needs it?!

Note the sewing machine... who can resist plugging it into the mix?

Note the sewing machine... who can resist plugging it into the mix?