things in life are going pretty well right now.  there is a possibility for it all crashing down, but until then, here’s a list of things i’m happy about and thankful for:

1) first trader joe’s check is officially deposited into bank account. *relief*

2) gossip girl and glee.  ESPECIALLY glee. i seem to have a natural affinity for tv shows beginning with ‘g’ (let us not forget the continuing obsession with gilmore girls…)

3) TWO amazing interviews for what is essentially my (post-sem entry-level) dream job (in minnesota).  faith-based advocacy at the minnesota legislature? a salary that means i can pay off my loans and live somewhere and eat and even maybe get a haircut AND from time to time go out to eat? a job that utilizes my degree and is intellectually and spiritually stimulating?  damn.  I’LL TAKE IT.  (now can you just offer it to me? please?)

4) dinner with other post-sem unionites tuesday night.  a huge breath of crisp, fresh, lovely air, omfg.  conversation included: poor lost coco the cocker spaniel, suburban epicopal churches, evaluation of minneapolis, the gay nineties, young ministers in the tc, missing (and not-so-much missing) union… it sounds maybe just like a normal evening with friends.  but to me, it felt like this:

so happy kid

klaire_lee 's flickr photostream


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