delightful fall

this year in minneapolis (my first fall back in minnesota, after nine years away), september was unseasonably warm, and october unseasonably wet.  there’s been none of that good, crisp, classic autumnal weather.  sometimes, when i’m being a little flexible, i feel as if fall is a time where you breathe deep and know that the dry, crumbled leaf particles are entering your body via your nostrils, slowly imbuing your being with dust, with earth, with chill, with winter, and with solemnity. the cycles of the seasons affect our bodies and our senses, and fall, to me is a grand explosion of harvest, the last push of joy and yearning before a deep and heavy slumber.

Falling leaves pumpkin

Falling leaves pumpkin

an pumpkin ‘lantern’ seemed to me appropriate for fall.  leaves and ghosts and acorns and stars peppered across the gourdy finish, it lends a fairy-like glow to halloween.


And for good measure, because it’s not healthy to approach anything without a sense of playfulness, a few cookies and my latest vintage find to top off a lovely fall day.

a cat, a pumpkin, an owl

a cat, a pumpkin, an owl


a squirrel nut jar!

a squirrel nut jar!


One Comment on “delightful fall”

  1. Maren says:

    That cookie jar is amazing!!! So you! Your pumpkin lantern is great and from what I can see, your apartment looks beautiful…missing you!

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