what got me through the year

inspired by my most lovely friend Christy, a probably-not-so-exhaustive list of things that got me through 2009, following, of course, the love and support of friends and family:

Running my first race ever, the Bucktown 5k, with my good friend Lid.

Little Miss Lucali (the cat): Obsessive cat-lady post forthcoming.

Correspondingly, Lucali pizza, aka some of the best ‘za in Brooklyn.

The open kitchen area at Lucali

Overwhelming support from friends here, on FB, and Twitter when my parents left my childhood home.

A gorgeous vintage Coach briefcase to help me get through the workdays.

An amazing job, for which I feel so fortunate, to help me get through the workdays.

The status achieved of having a “Master of Divinity” attached to my name.

Completing a Master’s thesis I’m proud of (summarized here).

Discovering What I Wore, Design*Sponge, all the mountains…, Modish, One Grand Home, and the Purl Bee.

Learning to make bo ssam, falafel, soft-shell crab, sushi, new york style pizza, and other delicacies with amazing friends.

Maine, San Sebastien, Bilbao, Barcelona, Hachenburg, Morningside Heights, Fort Greene.

In Bilbao.

in Bilbao with Ivan and Brian.

Claremont Ave and Reinhold Niebuhr Place.

Working in concert with dedicated women.

Holding hands on the bus-ride leaving New York.


5 Comments on “what got me through the year”

  1. cjpb says:

    aw, I’m so happy I inspired you! great list!

  2. cjpb says:

    p.s. isn’t it fun to wonder about what might comprise your list at the end of 2010? such mysteries to encounter…

  3. Imene says:

    Just found your blog and I really like it. To many more posts in 2010

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