like ants marching

there are so many reminders of the ways that we are all connected.

this week’s earthquake in haiti is one of the more sorrowful reminders of the bonds that hold us together. the massive devastation there enters into our lives like trickles of water seeping into a basement, or a line of ants marching steadily down the sidewalk.

caritasinternacionalis photostream at flickr

first is is only images, stories in the paper, donations via cellphone. but that kind of destruction is not contained to one country only.

a friend’s organization in mexico has another location in haiti. the home where volunteers for the org lived collapsed. some escaped, some didn’t. and the reminder: what if she had chosen port-au-prince instead of cuernavaca?

memories of an acquaintance in college flood back from an almost-forgotten place. on a trip with his wife and brother when the earthquake came. facebook gives reminders of his hardly-departed humanity: pictures of this christmas, singing around the piano, his wife’s fingers casually entangled in his own.

i’m reminded of my obsession with the brevity of life when my parents moved out of their home of 33 years. death is always with us, perched upon our shoulders. for god’s sake, we need to find a way to live together better than we do now.

giving money seems trite in the face of such suffocating grief. but what else to do in this moment? i’ll donate to friends of the orphans, and if you feel like it, you should too.

and. god be with us all.


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