this is me and bff sophie.

we may not be looking our best, but we look happy. this is ALWAYS how we look when we are together, except for those times that her mom makes chex mix for christmas and then we eat too much and get sick.

sophie got into a ph.d. program in american history today at the University of Minnesota. i can only imagine that more schools will follow in the race to win her to their program.

but I will always be the lucky person to have the smartest person in the whole world as MY BEST FRIEND.

… wow. that sounded possessive. i meant it in a more affirming way.

ps. Soph. now that i’ve posted this, does it mean you’ll move back here?!


One Comment on “coolest.bff.ever.”

  1. Sophie says:

    lol, you’re cute :)
    at the very least it means that i have an excuse to go home this spring! now call them up and tell them to offer me lots of money.

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