i’ve been keeping a secret from you

my cold today would have been so much better if only i had not taken nyquil last night. i woke up so groggy i could hardly function until 2:00 pm. i wanted to be sure to get a good night’s sleep, which i did… but i could have slept all day, too. so. i am an official nyquil hater now.

ok. whine, whine. moving on.

i think it’s about time that i fess up to something i’ve been keeping from everybody. i’ve been holding back because it is utterly ridiculous, and when i told my friend lissa about it last week she looked at me with new eyes. those eyes said: “this woman is much more of a cat-lady than i ever expected, and i reeeally don’t know what to think about it.”

so. here it is.



i’m toilet training our cat.

that’s right, i have this tray thing called CitiKitty and i have biodegradable, wheat-based litter that you flush down the toilet, and i even position my cat’s paws to try to teach her the right toilet position. (did i also mention that i have a very patient boyfriend?)

and. (yes, there IS another and).

i have been doing this since august.

i know.

it’s crazy.

that’s why i haven’t told you yet. i’m ALMOST ASHAMED to tell people. but i’m kinda too stubborn to stop. i want to know that our little cat is definitely NOT TRAINABLE before i stop. and so far, she’s been making some pretty rad strides, once she realized that if she… “goes”, food/treats will be her reward.

i’m not going to bore you with methodology, mostly because it’s gross and i don’t really want to talk about it unless asked. but, if you’re curious, here’s a video that explains much of the process:

what do you think? am i crazy? or would you go through this mess just to have to not clean the litterbox?


4 Comments on “i’ve been keeping a secret from you”

  1. Alonso says:

    Pets are such wonderful companions to have…people treat your pets good or just don’t but any okay. Enuff said.

  2. Sophie says:

    LUCY IS TRAINABLE! I believe in my niece.
    I looked at Craigslist last night just to imagine living in Minneapolis, near you. And by “last night” I mean yesterday at three different times.

  3. Alison says:

    @sophie oh gosh, i hope she is trainable. we’re getting there, i think… little by little.

    yay, live in minneapolis! let’s be neighbors! let’s live in the same apartment building!!!! be me and brian’s roommate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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