prom as a grown-up

there are a lot of things i miss about seminary. mandatory bible-reading, believe it or not, IS one of them (ancient concepts and words, history encapsulated and translated to today’s world, beautiful and terrifying expressions of the nature of humanity); so is the exploration of ethics (the subtlety and relativity of right-ness, the consideration of diversities, the concern for people and the world, the earnestness).

last week i got a call from my alma mater (does that term apply for seminaries?) and the man who called me was SO CLASSICALLY UNION. it was like he spoke my language or something. he recommended this vegan ice cream called oats cream and told me about how he’s interested in psych and religion, but ulanov was on sabbatical first semester (they always are, it seems sometimes). it was simultaneously a punch in the gut and a big bear hug, remembering how much i love that place, and how far away it seems now.

but getting back to the point. another thing i miss about seminary: PROM. as you can tell, we took it quite seriously.

i thought when i attended prom last spring that it would be my last. union kind of goes all out. the theme was “temptation in the garden of eden” – so biblical – although it seems i was the only person who took the theme semi-literally (look for the cream (nude-colored, for me) tee-dress and the strawberry necklace). we even had prom “royalty”–although union avoids anything too hierarchical, so i think we just drew names out of a hat. again: classic union. it makes me want to cry that i miss it so much, and yet, i’m so happy that it exists at all.

i have to report, however, that i was wrong about grown-up proms: union’s was not my last! that’s right. i have the good fortune of possibly four years of the only prom even dorkier than seminary prom: MED SCHOOL prom.

now. don’t be fooled by the professional DJ, the huge dance floor, or the fancy downtown hotel locale, the more-traditional prom-garb. these things SEEM cool. but in all reality, in order to partake in these things, you have to listen to a lot of talk about cadavers and exams and body functions and parts of the brain.

since B started med school, i’ve learned a lot of new things. for example: i now know what ‘histology’ is (hint: it is NOT the study of history). i also know what B is like as a student (incredibly diligent), and how proud i am of the work he’s doing in the classroom and out.

oh, and one more thing. med students are nice. they’re dorks, yes. but dorks are my favorite kind of people!!

so. one med school prom down — three to go.

and the best part of prom as a grown up? open bar.


4 Comments on “prom as a grown-up”

  1. Morgan Hubbard says:

    Oh, man. Ala’s school has those things, too, although they call the dance “Ball and Socket.” Get it? Like the shoulder and hip joints or whatever? I know, it’s a stretch.

    The open bar is the best part, though it’s weird mixing the ambiance of high school with the grown-upness of drinking wine.

  2. Sophie says:

    love the post! love you! love the pic of you and brian. i haven’t followed all the links yet but i’m going to.

    i love blogging!!!!

  3. CP says:

    I had no idea that proms existed in the graduate world! This makes me think of that great blind date you set me up with sophomore year. That guy who was so… awkward. teehee :) Didn’t he end up working at NASA? I wonder if they have proms…with glow-in-the-dark cocktails and faux lunar rocks dangling from the ceiling.

  4. Alison says:

    @Mo. Ball and socket?! Obvsy your S.O.’s med school is WAAAAAY dorkier than mine. Consider yourself… lucky?

    @Sophie. It makes me so happy that you read this. I love you as a blogger!

    @CP. It would be awesome if you could take a break from married life to go to NASA prom with Simon. I wonder if it would be more or less awkward with the glow-in-the-dark cocktails. Cocktail=less awkward, but glow-in-the-dark=more. A toss-up?

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