the amazing fingerless glove giveaway

about four years ago, before i started seminary, i started a pair of fingerless gloves.

i never finished them. these sad little ones have been sitting, 3/4 done in my closet, for YEARS.

That changes this month. This month, I will finish them. You know why? Since in February I’m blogging every day, I thought it is only natural to engage in a classic blog maneuver: THE GIVEAWAY.

they fit a woman’s sized-ish hand, but anyone is welcome to enter. all you need to do is 1) post a comment, and 2) tell me (in the comment) what you (or your loved one might) plan to do wearing these lovelies this spring.

i promise to pick a commenter AT RANDOM and will announce the winner on Friday; the gloves will be finished and mailed out by the end of my February blog-a-day experiment. comments close by midnight tonight!


17 Comments on “the amazing fingerless glove giveaway”

  1. Michelle Showalter says:

    I want to be entered! These are GORGEOUS!!! I plan on wearing these while shopping for vegetables at the opening of all the farmer’s markets this spring! Also, we need to have another Sunday Knitting Circle date. I started making a baby blanket for my cousin. It’s going great so far but I’m sure I will need you at some point. :)

  2. Rachel HK says:

    I WANT THE GLOVES!!!!!!!!! I plan to work in my exceptionally cold office with the fingerless gloves (the fingerless aspect being crucial since I am unable to type with fingered gloves)!

  3. Dave Peet says:

    I would be beyond excited if I was chosen for your fingerless gloves. It’s lucky because I have girl sized hands! I would plan on wearing them on my hands this late winter/spring to keep them warm and to protect them from the harsh climates. I have developed a cold allergy so these would help ward off the swelling and itchiness!

  4. Dave Peet says:

    i also secretly hope nobody else leaves a comment so your random pick has to be me!

  5. Mandi says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE these fingerless gloves. i love the look so much, i even created my own out of a cheap pair of tights to complete my hipster look one night. i know these would be the very best addition to my wardrobe.

    if i am the lucky winner, i plan to incorporate these into some lovely spring outfits during my favorite months of april and may. i will also (to prove said incorporation) photograph these outfits and post them on my blog in WIW and selective potential style and google buzz it so all the world (or my 16 followers) can see.

  6. gibson says:

    oh. my. wow.


    I would wear these lovelys everywhere.


    walk around como.

    farmers market.


    my desk at work.

    you name it, they’ll be there :)

  7. Amy says:

    I love these and would wear them everywhere because my hands get cold easily, but I still like the mobility fingerless gloves provide. I especially like to wear these sorts of gloves when I’m out taking pictures because then I look cool & artsy, plus my hands stay warm and I have the mobility to switch lenses.

  8. Irene says:

    I LOVE FINGERLESS GLOVES. I have two pairs, which is more than i can say of most anything i own.

    I LOVE ALISON KILLEEN, as evidenced by eight years of friendship.

    I would travel the world with these gloves. Everywhere I go outside of Minnesota I vow to take them, no matter the weather—because they are beautiful and my hands are always cold. Maybe I’ll even start my own blog about where the gloves have been.

    AND i’ll try to get them onstage at the commonweal, either worn by me or someone else, to be admired by many viewers.

    that’s my bid!!!!! :)

    ireney xx

  9. Irene says:

    ps—i meant to say in the last email that the obvious link between fingerless gloves and alison killeen, is fingerless gloves MADE BY ajk.

  10. These are gorgeous! They remind me that my sister and mother teach me to knit every Christmas, and then I always forget until the next year. I need to try to make something by myself so I’ll remember! Don’t you want to imagine your beautiful finger-less gloves gallivanting all around Northern California? ;)

    ps– so great that you are blogging every day!

  11. Anna O P says:

    I would wear these gloves when tending to the soon-to-be newest members of our family: chickens!!! I will undoubtedly need to scatter feed, collect eggs, and scoop shit in all kinds of inclement weather…my hands would be very happy in these wonderfully snugglie creations :)

  12. Leslie says:

    I would wear them and think of YOU. And feel oh-so-cool-and-stylish for having a beautiful pair of hand-knit gloves from an up-and-coming designer. (I think I just reached my hyphen quota for the week).

  13. Your Boyfriend says:

    If you “randomly” pick me, you don’t need to pay for shipping. And I would re-gift them to you for your birthday.

    Just sayin’.

  14. Linnea says:

    I’m glad i checked my google reader today! Your knitting amazes me, as always. Like Michelle said, we need another Sunday knitting day, so I can learn how to make some greats things to complete by winter NEXT year!

    I would enjoy wearing these on a walk when spring has come and the trees are turning green, and perhaps holding a latte or tea in my hand to warm by gloveless fingers!

  15. hungryhiccup says:

    i don’t think “boyfriend” is allowed to enter since he already has so many Alison-made goodies.

    i’ll wear them while riding my bike around sunny Arizona. just because they’re awesome and you’re awesome Alison. =)

    do some capoeira flips in them

    and–hold an icepack. just to put them to use.

  16. Hewika01 says:

    Killal!!! My heart breaks for my all the great blogs of the world that I don’t get to read, especially yours. For the next week, while I am finally out of the restrictivist of countries, I will be reading all of your backlogged posts….from the beach. (Hello from the Philippines!) I want to win the gloves. And the most important reason; whiping my ass over a squatter toilet. Gotta have the free fingers in Chinese public bathrooms, yo!! Sorry, that was gross. Here’s a more appropriate reason: no matter what I am doing, I want to look down and think of my dearest Killal.

    Love you, lady. I’ll be back in June so plan accordingly.
    May the best fingers win.


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