follow-up catch-up

it’s now been three weeks straight of posting something every single day. one week from now will be my last post for the month of february, and so far i have mixed feelings about this blog-a-day thing. on one hand, i like that it presses me to reflect more consciously on the mundane-ness of my daily life, and it is really helpful to set goals for myself and actually follow up with how i’ve lived out said goals. on the other hand, i feel incredibly self-involved. blogging assumes that people actually WANT to read about a) what i’ve made for dinner, b) what i think about ____, or c) my cat. this is typically reserved only for the people who inhabit the most intimate, boring aspects of a person’s life. to create a world that revolves around all this… well, i’m still struggling to figure out what i think about that.

but there is something important (is there?) about recording my thoughts in *this* moment. i just re-discovered my very old blog, from when i studied abroad in ecuador five years ago, broke up with an old boyfriend, and later went to brazil for a few months following my graduation from college. i haven’t read through all the old posts yet, but even the few that i browsed last night brought back a number of memories that would otherwise have been lost to me, for who knows how long. perhaps always, never, forever. so, am i saying this blog is useful for the purpose of recording memories i might otherwise forget? well, maybe.

anyway, in quasi-reflecting on this blogging thing, i realized that at the beginning of this month, i set out a number of goals for myself the accomplish by the end of february. i had meant to report back more speedily than this, perhaps on a weekly basis, but all my other AMAZING and PHENOMENAL ideas for blog posts must have escaped this. so here we are. only one week left, and here is my first update on my february goals:

1. Exercise three times a week, and I will report said exercise here.

you might remember that during the first week of february, i got a fairly nasty cold. So, i did not exercise that first week. since then, however, i HAVE lived up to that goal, and am happy to say that i’m back to enjoying a good run again. i also ran a race with my brother, and renewed my practice of yoga.

2. Once each weekend, I will cook something fancy and write about it here.

Ok, i haven’t necessarily been doing the fancy cooking every weekend per se, but i have been writing about the meals i’ve been enjoying cooking whenever i happen to feel like it throughout the week. and, i know i’ve been doing it at LEAST once a week, so much so that my Dad tells me this blog should be on the food channel. I’m not sure he meant that as a compliment, but i’m taking it as one!

3. FINALLY finish putting things up on our apartment walls (take pictures, and post them here)

SO NOT happening. and it’s not going to happen before the end of february, either. oh well. i’ll wait for inspiration.

4. Finish the messenger bag I was going to sew for B at the onset of medical school (now six months ago and counting)

i have done some work on B’s messenger bag; quite a bit, in fact. still, it’s far from being done anytime soon.

5. Forgive myself when I do not complete all of these goals.

Ah. Previous Al was wise. Therefore, I hereby forgive myself for goals 3 and 4. Hurrah!


One Comment on “follow-up catch-up”

  1. Leslie Kruempel says:

    Clearly, there are several of us who like to read about the “mundane-ness” of your life. :) As I’ve said before, you are a very strong communicator, and you make reading about your life interesting. So…please keep it up! Sure, I find some posts more interesting than others, but I think different people are drawn to different topics, so chances are good there will always be someone who especially enjoys a particular post.

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