popcorn magic

this is midterm week in our little minneapolis household. that means a few things: 1) i have a lot more free time, 2) B has a lot more stress, and 3) we both get to eat WHATEVER WE WANT. hallelujah!

so last week i posted about winter olympic snacks, and featured my one successful contribution to the party: “white chocolate snowflakes,” i.e., white chocolate truffled popcorn! so good.

the inspiration came from one time that i went out for drinks with mandi. we ordered truffled popcorn, and it was good: buttery, sugary, garlicky. so i searched for “truffled popcorn” and found, instead of a recipe, a video of how to make it–but without specific amounts and instructions. so, i kind of made it up as i went. the first time, when i made it for our olympics party, it was not perfect. i had too much white-chocolate-to-butter ratio, so i added cream, and the chocolate hardened again. thus, the chocolate was clumpy on the popcorn… but heck. how bad can it be?!

so. first things first: pop the popcorn, a nice big bowl of it, for about 3-5 people. i’m not going to tell you how to do this, because if you don’t know, 1) you are silly, and 2) i think you can find out for yourself.

i used about 3 ounces of white chocolate (not quite a full bar of a ghirardelli chocolate baking bar) to 4-5 tablespoons of melted butter.

i’ve said it before, i’m sure i’ll say it again: butter makes everything better. butter is a goddess. i could eat it deep-fried off a stick.

when the butter is (almost/all) melted, add the white chocolate over medium heat and whisk. remove from heat as soon as it is creamy and pour it slowly over the popcorn. toss the popcorn as you go, stopping if you need to, but take care not to allow the chocolate to harden again. if it does… well, it’s not really that big a deal. it will be more clumpy, but it will still be very very tasty. i promise.

you COULD just stop there, if you like things sweet and only sweet. but just as in real life, what good is sweetness unless it is contrasted against the tart? so i added about 1- 2 tablespoons of sea salt, to taste. more or less depending on how you like your sweet and savory.

allow it to cool a little before serving, or it will be sticky. serve with plenty of napkins. ALSO: i can attest that even day-old white chocolate truffled popcorn, which has sat out on the countertop overnight, is still amazing. happy snacking, and for all you students out there: happy midterms!

(PS: aren’t the variations on this recipe endless?! think of it: dark chocolate, salt, and pistachios! white chocolate, nutmeg, and clove! butter! butter! butter! any other popcorn brainstormers out there?)


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