poor sad dinosaurs

abakedcreation's photostream on flickr

i took pictures the other day of all the many fabric squares and rectangles i’ve been cutting for B’s messenger bag. i FINALLY finished cutting them all out, which took forever. the fabric, scissors, pattern pieces, pins, and iron have all been sitting out on our coffee table for all of february now, taunting me that i’m not done.

well, now i’m done, but so is my camera’s memory card, flashing ERROR at me through the camera screen and displaying none of the beautiful pictures i’ve been taking. (there goes my plan for a fast and easy blog post for the day.)

so, you don’t get to see the pictures of the dark brown tweed for the exterior of the bag, and you don’t get to see the cotton blue and green and orange DINOSAUR-patterned fabric for the interior of the bag. DINOSAURS! poor sad dinosaurs with no one to admire them except me and B and lu.

eventually, if my scheme goes according to plan, i will embroider the outline of a t-rex (don’t worry, in a classy way!) somewhere onto the tweed. people will think it is just quirky until they see the full-out, completely crazy and fun dino-patterned interior. (but only if they’re lucky).

this is what you get, when i make you stuff: crazy patterns you don’t necessarily want, but which you end up loving because they are CUTE!

B’s midterm-week update: 2 tests down, 1 to go. tonight we resisted treats. it was an amazing feat. applause? is that faint applause i hear? thank you, thank you. i owe it all to lu.


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