on a lovely april day

so, yes! the grand blog experiment of february DID result in at least ONE productive thing: i finished those gorgeous fingerless gloves and i gave them to gibson! (it is a serendipitous wonder indeed that, in true literary style of ME, the words “gibson” and “gloves” are alliterative. small feats such as this bring me great joy.)

gibson is one patient woman. she won these gloves on february 11, and did NOT receive them until about four days ago. let’s not go into the crazy schedule that consumed my life for nearly the entire month of march; instead, let’s just say… wow, gibson. you are well-conditioned to waiting. were you regularly at the end of the lunch line as a kid?

also, gibson is very cute. see photo below.

the two of us shared a lovely, unseasonably warm april afternoon in Cathedral Hill. it was SO WARM outside that we not only got to sit outside, but i even drank iced tea. WITHOUT GETTING GOOSEBUMPS.

we talked about the church, about being recovering bible camp counselors (can i call you “recovering,” gibson?), about needing space for flexibility and ideas and openness within systems of belief. (speaking of which: did anyone else hear about how awesome jennifer knapp is recently?!)

all the while, i was admiring how well the fingerless gloves match her green eyes, green purse, green wallet, and even lime-green tea. yup: i think those gloves found themselves a nice little home.


One Comment on “on a lovely april day”

  1. Katie says:


    I think you are great, and I LOVE your writing. I also love both you and Gibson and so this last piece on the green fingerless gloves was very precious in my heart. (sappy stuff tonight.) that’s what happens when you are out sitting on your porch at 9:19pm in the candlelight. I adore Spring.


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