cat cake

call me a narcissist, but i am openly admitting to the world that today is my birthday. so, naturally, being addicted to sugar, i have been dreaming up what my ideal cake would be, and LO and behold! a cat person’s cake dream SPEWED FORTH from flickr. these cakes are HILARIOUS. that is the only reason for this post.

(ps: sorry, cakewrecks, I didn’t mean to copy you. forgive me: it’s my birthday)
(pps: do you think obama wants one of these? it’s his bday, too).

french cat birthday cake.

freaky jumping kitties.

yarn ball cake.

cat tea party. (kind of makes you wonder what the tea party would think about this. i WISH they were this peaceful-seeming.)

if *you* were ever to make me a cat birthday cake, this is the one I want. it is the least scary of all. plus the frosting looks like butter.