Put your hand in mine

For my blog at work, I periodically search flickr’s creative commons for photos to accompany the topic of our post. Today’s post was about a Multi-Faith prayer service, and when I searched for “interfaith prayer,” the results just weren’t the kinds of images I was looking for. So I tried a few other options, one of which was “holding hands.”

I was moved, unexpectedly, by these images of human connection, which seemed to me to represent our interconnectedness. Fingers lacing together, locking up tight like a zipper, or loosely dangled pinky looped to pinky. So many ways to display belonging. So many ways to show intimacy.

Certainly I know hands can be instruments of pain as well as of pleasure and utility. But today, as I sought out images of hands “in prayer,” I was struck by how much more compelling were the photos of people reaching out to other people in love.

What amazing things we can do together when we join our hands. There is so much strength in that.  We are interlocking. Strengthened. Mutual.

It is strange at all, then, that it reminded me of this recent scene from Glee, where Kurt is faced with losing his father, and sings “I Want to Hold Your Hand”? What a creative, spellbinding twist on the song. I think we should all hold hands more often.

Photo sources: 1, 2, 3


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