photography class

for my birthday, B gave me a photography workshop, because we have this fantastic camera that i clearly didn’t really know how to use. yesterday, i finally got to take the class!

it was so much fun, and now that i know what all the little numbers mean in my viewfinder, AND i know what range they should be in, i’m able to take pictures that a) aren’t as blurry, and b) look a lot better.

i’m proud of myself. can you tell? so i thought i’d share some of my beginning photos. and since you, dear reader, can’t argue, here they are. enjoy.

the workshop was offered at the minneapolis photo center, and i highly, highly recommend it. they also offer more advanced classes, which i’d like to take  as well (pssst! christmas is coming up!).


4 Comments on “photography class”

  1. anwa says:

    These are wonderful! I envy you for your positive experience at photography class — I take a photo course at school and for a while I hated it. I wish you luck in your photographic endeavors! :)

  2. Linnea says:

    How fun and what a great present! I’ve always wanted to take a photography class, but first I need a fancy camera :)

  3. L. says:

    so glad you started updating again!

  4. Alison says:

    @anwa – thanks for following along! i’m looking forward to seeing some of your photographic endeavors, too!

    @linnea – i imagine you could put a request in your registry for a fancy camera… :) i use a Canon Rebel XS

    @L. – so glad you’re still following along! missing you TONS AND TONS and hope you’re having fun in londontown. say hey to grammar for me if she’s still around. <3

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