and the gift goes kablooie

B and I thought we were being really cute a few weeks ago when we gave our friend this great birthday present. Our friend Val was turning 30, you see, which is about time a person needs to start bringing home the bacon.

so B had like, this fabulous idea. “let’s infuse BOURBON with BACON!” he said. a perfect gift for a friend we love to party with, and also a friend who will shortly, no doubt, begin bringing home bacon like it’s nobody’s business. (she being a future doctor and everything.)

so we got down to business. all one needs to do to infuse bacon into said bourbon is fry bacon, pour bacon fat into a bowl, let it cool, pour said fat into a (poreless) container with the bourbon, let it sit for a while (say 4-6 hours?), stick in the freezer until the fat hardens, remove fat, strain bourbon. that was easy enough. plus, we combined our mad bourbon-infusing skills with my endless lust for crafting and projects, and you get pretty things like what you’re witnessing now.


but, there was a problem.

we gave the bourbon to val. all was lovely, and well-received. and then later that night, after she and her hubby brought the bottle home, it exploded.

that’s right, it exploded. as in: KABLOOIE!

what a sad gift.

but at least we got something out of it:

bacon-walnut broccoli rabe. yum.

sorry, val. happy birthday.


5 Comments on “and the gift goes kablooie”

  1. ajbbents says:

    Hands down the most adorable bourbon I’ve ever ever seen. Tragic about the ending of it though! Further research is required as to source of said kablooie. Happy to see you back AK.

  2. Morgan Hubbard says:

    But why did it explode??

  3. Beka says:

    Doug has had his homebrew explode once before… It sounds like it could have been the changes in temperature. The type of bottle you use can change how it reacts (Certain shapes have different weak spots — like the difference between champagne and wine bottles). Maybe next time a different bottle?

    And the tags and twine are lovely and beautiful. :)

  4. Alison says:

    Oooh, thanks Bekah! Yes, Morgan, I had no idea why it exploded. But Bekah’s comments are helpful! Also, I wondered if I filled the bottle just a little *too* full with bourbon. Who knows.

    Anyway, it was pretty. And next time I’ll use some of Bekah suggestions so that it hopefully does not explode!!

  5. Beka says:

    Doug’s scientific mind has confirmed it — while the flask bottles are awesome, they leave a really large surface area for pressure to build up against when there’s a temperature change involved, which is probably what happened. He suggests a round bottle (we use the ikea round bottle, or the grolsch beer bottles) or a growler for a big batch.

    And he also really likes the idea and the tags too. :)

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