on the front porch

B and I will be moving soon, into a bright blue house with yellow trim and a pretty front porch. I have all kinds of grand plans for a garden, for pretty pots of herbs and twinkly solar lights. I’m dreaming of sitting on the front porch drinking tea on a Saturday morning, reading a book with the cat in the window. Oh, it’s going to be so lovely! So this post is dedicated to front porch inspirations. And in the midst of all the shitty stuff going on the world these days, we maybe all need a little inspiration.

I love all the bright colors! Since we’re moving to an eccentrically-colored duplex (NOT the one pictured above, btw), I’m considering decking the porch out in equally eccentric furniture. Not sure what B will think of that, though…

porch sitting

And  such pretty lights!

The thought of sitting on the porch, late in the summer’s evening with the light waning, a cool drink, and a good friend sounds like heaven. Especially in these dirty-snow-March-days. Yuck.

Back Porch


So come visit us this summer on our brand new porch! We always welcome visitors, furry and friendly and everywhere in between!

Photo sources: Blue house, pots, bottle lights, welcoming porch, twinkle lights, gnomes, green porch, yellow porch, flowery porch, kitty porch.


4 Comments on “on the front porch”

  1. Sophie says:

    Yaaaaaaay! I’m so sad that I won’t be in Minnesota to see your pretty, pretty porch more often. Thanks for brightening up my winter blah blahs, friend! :)

  2. Alison says:

    i miss you! i fixed my phone… when are you finding yours?!

  3. jennie says:

    yay! i’m so excited to see you guys and your new place in may. can’t wait! =)

  4. Maren says:

    Yay! I’m so excited that you’ll have a front porch. I’m thinking that lazy evenings of reading aloud with friends while surrounded by twinkling lights and tons of plants sounds just wonderful. Maybe I’ll have to look for a ticket to MN this summer! So excited for you and B!

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