my last post was a letter to my love, so what is more appropriate for this post than sharing some photos of my grandparents in love?

Some weekends ago I was helping my parents clean out some boxes from their move last year. We stumbled across some family pictures that I’d never seen before, of my grandparents, George and Alice, on their honeymoon in 1929.

I love this photo of my grandma (the same grandmother, by the way, who lived on the farm in South Dakota). Her high Norwegian cheekbones, crazy hat, and curly hair are so charming, and her smile even looks the same as I remember it. She’s so cute, and so stylish! The 14-year-old me never would have guessed it.

There is so much loveliness to be had in these photos, memories that aren’t my own, but which hold a piece of my own identity.

May you all have such beautiful honeymoons, filled with style, with substance, and a very long future.