mystery fish

It’s amazing how much more time i have now that i have accomplished watching the West Wing. I enjoyed the series, but I think I’m going to take some time off from TV, especially for the summer. Tonight, instead of gluing myself to the computer, I was able to accomplish a two-mile run, create a tasty experimental meal, read my book, take a bath, hang out with B, AND go to bed early. Maybe that sounds like a normal night to you. For me, this is a minor miracle.

So, I’ll share a little bit of my dinner with you tonight. We’ve had this mystery fish in the freezer for a very long time, which B’s parents got from a neighbor and gave to us. All I knew about is was that it was a white fish, and that all fish tastes good on the grill. (OBVIOUSLY.) So I soaked it in a lime-ginger marinade (with a little brown sugar and red pepper flakes thrown in for good measure), and fired up the coals.

while the fish cooked, i made a salad slightly tweaked from a david chang recipe, the main feature of which were apples smothered in a kimchi puree. delicious. tossed with some mixed greens and drizzled with a lime-yogurt-honey dressing, it was wonderful. i was pretty proud of myself, thinking the apple-kimchi mixture was very innovative, until B told me it’s typical for folks to toss some apples into their kimchi from time to time. oh well, it was new to me!

finally, as a relish for the fish i flash-pickled some cucumbers, another trick from david chang; you just slice them and cover the slices in a tablespoon each of sugar and kosher salt for 5-10 minutes.

clearly, for those of you who read my last post, i’m still suffering from some feelings of powerlessness and frustration (there are many things I can point to within local politlcs, but here’s one example). L pointed out in the comments that it’s comforting to her, too, to cook when she feels this way, and i found it helpful again today. So y’all can expect some more of this! Thanks for reading. :)


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