Anatomy of opening a gift

I recently went to a bridal shower and snapped some photos while I was there. While editing the photos later, I particularly enjoyed the progression that emerged as the bride opened a particularly lovely-colored gift.


To see more photos, you can visit me on Flickr.


Minneapolis is so pretty in the summer!

Pedal pubs and bowling balls

We had a blast at a day-long party this last Saturday, even if it did take the steam out of Sunday! Below, some of my favorite photos to share with you.

sparkle summer sun

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the heat is so unbearable, the air so heavy with dew, that the best thing to do is spend as much time as possible at the lake. This year, I had the pleasure of hosting a ladies’ weekend at my parentscabin in Bone Lake, Wisconsin.

There is a special joy to going up to the lake cabin in summertime. Something about it makes us kid-like again, encouraging cannonballs, overeating of junk food, and irresponsible sun protective behaviors. The heat, the humidity, the thunderstorms, the sparkle of sun on the lake, the loon calls… they come together to create a world that feels like nothing in this world has changed or ever will. And now, as I’m closing in on my 29th birthday, I more than ever appreciate fresh reminders of childhood, making it feel like I only left it behind the last corner I turned.

On the lake, the water is big, the sky is big, the weather is big, and our laughter is big. The world feels so expansive, even contained only to the horizon around us.

Cabin food has always been delicious, but grown-up tastebuds mean we get to enjoy grilled pizza, chocolate cake made richer with coffee, and of course, the occasional adult beverage.

Do you have a special lake in your life?

cheesemaking and cute kitties

One day, many moons ago, I went over to my friend Barb’s house to make cheese. (Who else can tell that I’m catching up on my blogging? ;)) (And yes, that is the same Barb as from the beautiful wedding in Colorado!)We had a grand old time, making a soft, smooth ricotta and an herby, squeaky mozz. Mind if I share some photos with you, then?

Me, stirring away...


And straining...

The ricotta, just hangin out

Some herby mozzarella, pre-stretching

All that time that we were stirring and stretching the yet-to-be-cheese, my heart was being stolen bit by bit by the handsome Mr. Ivan, Barb’s cat. Isn’t he a looker?!

Ivan the handsome

And ultimately, Barb, Ivan and I sat down to a lovely cheese plate at the end of the evening. Yum!

colorado wedding

One month ago I was on a plane heading back from the most incredible weekend. B and I were invited to a wedding in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, and by a last-minute fluke I was elected officiant for the wedding! It was such a privilege to have a front-row seat to witnessing the love between Barb and Nick, and it took place in such a gorgeous place! So I’m sharing some photos from the weekend.

Let start with photos of our cabin…

The outer walls of the cabin, which was formerly the town store, were covered with antique paraphernalia. We also had our own private hot spring bath along with a gorgeous view behind the cabin.

There are not words which adequately express how beautiful Dunton is. So instead of trying, I’ll go ahead and share more photos for you, now of the rest of the resort–the saloon, bath house, and other small details around Dunton.

Mount Wilson

the Bath House

And, since this post wouldn’t be complete without photos of the bride, the groom, and the wedding…



Me, chatting with Nick before the ceremony began

The happy family

The wedding "cake"!

Thank you, Nick and Barb, for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!

wisconsin goodies

our friend leslie came to visit last weekend, and she brought us some delicious goodies from her home in viroqua, wisconsin: homemade ramp pesto and new glarus beer. since lately all i seem to be good for is taking pictures of food, it seemed appropriate to honor her gift with an homage to the culinary delicacies of wisconsin.

a few days ago i had made some ricotta cheese with another friend (blog post to come, don’t worry!) and added it to the pasta we made with leslie’s pesto. it. was. delicious.

and perhaps brian’s favorite part of the meal, leslie also gave us new glarus honey bock, which apparently you can’t buy in minnesota (and only buy in wisconsin?). delicacies indeed! thank you, leslie!!