today: a bad day for minnesota politics.

thus, a good day for snuggling with the kitty and watching figure skating.


the amazing fingerless glove giveaway

about four years ago, before i started seminary, i started a pair of fingerless gloves.

i never finished them. these sad little ones have been sitting, 3/4 done in my closet, for YEARS.

That changes this month. This month, I will finish them. You know why? Since in February I’m blogging every day, I thought it is only natural to engage in a classic blog maneuver: THE GIVEAWAY.

they fit a woman’s sized-ish hand, but anyone is welcome to enter. all you need to do is 1) post a comment, and 2) tell me (in the comment) what you (or your loved one might) plan to do wearing these lovelies this spring.

i promise to pick a commenter AT RANDOM and will announce the winner on Friday; the gloves will be finished and mailed out by the end of my February blog-a-day experiment. comments close by midnight tonight!

i’ve been keeping a secret from you

my cold today would have been so much better if only i had not taken nyquil last night. i woke up so groggy i could hardly function until 2:00 pm. i wanted to be sure to get a good night’s sleep, which i did… but i could have slept all day, too. so. i am an official nyquil hater now.

ok. whine, whine. moving on.

i think it’s about time that i fess up to something i’ve been keeping from everybody. i’ve been holding back because it is utterly ridiculous, and when i told my friend lissa about it last week she looked at me with new eyes. those eyes said: “this woman is much more of a cat-lady than i ever expected, and i reeeally don’t know what to think about it.”

so. here it is.



i’m toilet training our cat.

that’s right, i have this tray thing called CitiKitty and i have biodegradable, wheat-based litter that you flush down the toilet, and i even position my cat’s paws to try to teach her the right toilet position. (did i also mention that i have a very patient boyfriend?)

and. (yes, there IS another and).

i have been doing this since august.

i know.

it’s crazy.

that’s why i haven’t told you yet. i’m ALMOST ASHAMED to tell people. but i’m kinda too stubborn to stop. i want to know that our little cat is definitely NOT TRAINABLE before i stop. and so far, she’s been making some pretty rad strides, once she realized that if she… “goes”, food/treats will be her reward.

i’m not going to bore you with methodology, mostly because it’s gross and i don’t really want to talk about it unless asked. but, if you’re curious, here’s a video that explains much of the process:

what do you think? am i crazy? or would you go through this mess just to have to not clean the litterbox?

little miss lucali

little miss lucali (more affectionately known as “lu”):the most hilarious, beautiful, and ridiculous cat ever to have lived.

(i told you an obsessive cat-lady post was forthcoming!)

The prettiest cat in the world.

She is very possessive of her boxes.

Ms. Lucali is also very possessive of her owners' attention.

She will go to any length to get our attention...

And she usually gets what she wants.

Hope you enjoyed! You all can expect to see more of this little rascal from time to time. Like how I’m trying to train her to use a toilet instead of litter. Hah. Bet you can’t WAIT for that one!