you won the fingerless glove giveaway!

i wish i could have given them to everyone. oh well.

gibson: let’s finally get together for that coffee in early march and i’ll hand over your new pretties.

ok. now i’m going to go celebrate mandi’s birthday. tgif!


the amazing fingerless glove giveaway

about four years ago, before i started seminary, i started a pair of fingerless gloves.

i never finished them. these sad little ones have been sitting, 3/4 done in my closet, for YEARS.

That changes this month. This month, I will finish them. You know why? Since in February I’m blogging every day, I thought it is only natural to engage in a classic blog maneuver: THE GIVEAWAY.

they fit a woman’s sized-ish hand, but anyone is welcome to enter. all you need to do is 1) post a comment, and 2) tell me (in the comment) what you (or your loved one might) plan to do wearing these lovelies this spring.

i promise to pick a commenter AT RANDOM and will announce the winner on Friday; the gloves will be finished and mailed out by the end of my February blog-a-day experiment. comments close by midnight tonight!