six reasons i love mexico

#1. it’s old and filled with churches.

#2. it’s beautiful.

#3. In Mexico, you get to eat hot dogs for breakfast.


#5. The most obvious reason: Mexican Food. Even in spite of Monteczuma. (I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN!)
#5b. Mexican food, including chapulines (a.k.a. grasshoppers!)
#6. Mexico loves hosting Best Friend Reunions.


I’m a YouTube STAR, oh, and fireworks

Maybe one of the weirdest reminders of how fast time moves, is when it moves fast on a blog.

One year ago, I posted this. B and I had just moved from New York, I’d graduated from seminary, and a whole litany of other things that if you click through that link, you can read all about. Also, we spent the fourth of July at my parents’ cabin in northern Wisconsin (which, for those of you who *really* pay attention, will remember that we also spent New Year’s Eve there, too!).

This past weekend, we continued the tradition and spent the weekend there again.


We had a great time, an amazing reminder that good friends are still good friends, even over time and distance.

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend, but I did remember that my phone had a video the last night we spent there, and I was able to capture some of the fireworks, and our responses to them. So, for your viewing pleasure, they are just a click away. This first video is just our voices and fireworks (look for the one shaped like the Death Star!)

This second video is of the fireworks finale. At times, it gets a little scary… but I promise no one was injured in the making of this video (that I know of!)!

(PS – Can you believe that I actually was technologically savvy enough to do all of this?! I thought I’d never find my way to YouTube, and now look: I’m a STAR. You can even HEAR MY VOICE.)

mono, the fountain of youth

my friend mandi’s birthday was on tuesday. it was to be the week of weeks, with many plans made to celebrate her birth (it was also selfishly a good way to try to forget that it is february in minnesota).

well, unfortunately mandi showed up to the doctor on tuesday with a sore throat. the diagnosis: mono. i.e., the KISSING disease. (obviously my penchant for alliteration makes it hard for me to not constantly say mono mandi, Mono Mandi, MONO MANDI!)

it’s really kind of hilarious, because we are all in our mid-late twenties. and everyone knows that mono is SO adolescent. maybe it really could be a nice thing, this finding out you have mono on your birthday: even as you age, you feel younger. brilliant.

(done and done: all i want for my birthday this year? mono. august 4, everyone, plan ahead!)

wow. so all of this is to say, we did not have the week of all weeks in honor of mandi, who understandably got straight to work at all the sleeping she needed to do. but we did go to a bar last night for a chill birthday in northeast minneapolis.

i put on my “i-don’t-care-how-pretentious-i-look” face and snapped as many pictures as i could before my self-consciousness got the best of me.

Note that Grain Belt beer is advertised as “friendly.”

Poor Mono Mandi. None of these drinks were hers, even though it was her birthday week. Mono really is an adolescent disease: No Alcohol Allowed.

scenes from the early new year.

wonderful friends came to visit me and B for new years eve. we went to my parents’ cabin in northern wisconsin. it was cold, beautiful, and just what i needed to kick the year off right.

note: not my pictures.

Photo: Jennie

b and k progressions #1-3

i have just returned from: graduation, moving, europe, maine, new york, and bone lake.  probably there will be many pictures and comments and musings to come.  for now, though, i’m subsisting by focusing on the days ahead and by taking any opportunity for laughter. 

thus this progression of photos, featuring friends b and k: