the big reveal

The decision is made! Can you believe it?! Head on over to my newly-minted style blog (“newly minted” so I don’t have to bug people reading here, about stuff they don’t want to read about) for more about which pair I chose, how I made the decision, how to get a pair of your own, and to see more photos. And if you like the new blog, give me a follow, eh?


birthday baby

My birthday was last week, and I walked away a very happy, very lucky woman:

  • I am now the proud new owner of an iPad2! Yowz! I have faithfully named him Moo, after Katie Sokoler’s cat. Katie doesn’t know me, but I love her photography and I love her cat.
  • My family is loving, supportive, generous, and takes me out to pizza every time I turn 29.
  • Officially, I have been taken in as a “Member in Discernment” with the UCC Minnesota Conference. Meaning, I have officially been approved to *pursue* ordination as a minister in the United Church of Christ. Read: “pursue” doesn’t mean automatic (or even assured) ordination; there’re lots more steps to take. But nevertheless, this is is a big step, albeit of many.
  • B took me out to an amazing dinner at In Season (review at Heavy Table)

Finally, all of YOU were so sweet and awesome and voted on your favorite pair of glasses from Warby Parker last week (and no one even teased me, which I was wholeheartedly expecting!). So very soon, you will be rewarded with my decision on which pair of glasses I’ll be purchasing (ZOMG!), but I’m still working on a little project for the big reveal. I know, it’s terribly suspenseful! But you won’t have to wait long!

Until I reveal my ever-so-dramatic decision, here’s a teaser for you: the glasses in the photo of me and B below (while I like them a lot), are NOT the glasses I have chosen to buy, although they were the obvious frontrunner from your votes. DRAMA!

in which i am indecisive… and very self-involved


so about six weeks ago i ordered five pairs of prescription glasses to try on for free from warby parker… but none of them passed the test for me to actually spend $95 (still, you can see my favorite pair of the first batch here and here).

now my current glasses are scratched and bent and in need of replacement… so i ordered five more to try on! finally, inspired by calivintage, i thought i’d take some quick shots and poll all of you: which pair do YOU like the best?

is it the tenley?


is it the beckett?


 the sinclair?


the begley?


or the huxley?!


what’s a gal to do?!

so? which do you like? cast your vote in the comments, and i’ll check back to let you all know what i decide. hee!

by the way, it was very weird to take photos like this. i had to a) appear somewhat normal (despite my self-consciousness), b) avoid the glare in the glasses (that’s why i’m never looking at the camera straight on) and c) try not to feel stupid with B in the room. as you can see, he finally got to me by the time the huxley pair came around… probably for the best: real smile > fake pursed-lip-face.