escape (or, tpaw made me cry)

this is what i want to escape.

here is how i’m trying to do it. (johnny weir, what would i do without you and lady gaga?! you so got robbed last night. i’m sorry.)

in the meantime, y’all are so sweet regarding my not-so-thoughtful and ranty post of a few days ago. hopefully, over the weekend, i will pony up some energy and write something interesting and well-constructed once again. stay tuned.

in the meantime, if anyone at all wants to be in solidarity with those in Minnesota who risk losing their health care (GAMC), please join me tomorrow at 2:00 pm in front of the Governor’s Mansion in St Paul.

PS: Here’s an interesting tidbit about the state of the GOP today.
PPS: text from that vigil i was talking about. you know, the one that didn’t help anything. [edit: i think i meant: “the one that didn’t help anything.” meaning, intentionally/ironically quoting the crazy mean woman from the other night. thanks to atom for the kind and encouraging words!]
PPPS: also, thank god for my cat and for B, who fielded my crazies this morning.


winter olympic snacks

popcorn with butter, white chocolate, and sea salt.

coconut macaroons…

and cheese curls.


thanks to gaby for the illustrations and the winter olympic snacks!

ps i love you johnny weir!!!