seeing projects through a new lens

my parents gave me a new lens for my camera this christmas (yay for early christmas presents!). it came in the mail yesterday, so I snapped a few shots of my knitting and my cat (because what else do I ever write about on this blog? oh wait, food.)

our friend ala is visiting from out of town, and she’s been reinspiring my love for knitting! these yellow socks i was working on all the way back during B’s and my trip to europe. that’s a year and a half ago, folks. sometimes my penchant for starting new projects approaches lunacy.

but nevertheless, i have also started a new project (even a couple more which aren’t pictured here!): cabled alpaca mittens!

hmm. Lu doesn’t seem to mind that I knit more projects than I can finish. I think I like her perspective on the world: take naps, eat well, snuggle. in other words, do what makes you happy.


and the cat came back

B took this picture of lu over the weekend, and of course i couldn’t resist posting it. she just looks too mischievous to pass this one up!

And lately, she has been one mischievous cat. She’s also been spending a lot of time under our bed, snuggled up to yet another one of my unfinished knitting projects. Inside that bag is a half-knit yellow cardigan. Maybe someday I’ll finish and tell you guys ALL about it! But first, of course, because of my last post, I have to master worms and hydroponic gardens.

Also, another announcement (buried in the middle of a CAT post so that maybe no one will notice?): I’ve decided to (try to) get ordained. It’s going to be a long (YEARS-long) process that I will document here, which is going to be uncomfortable because I will actually have to start talking about stuff I “believe in” instead stuff that I don’t. Which is obviously difficult because I don’t really know what I “believe in”, first and foremost because I think “believing in” something is a post-enlightenment concept that we don’t conscienticize or evaluate for ourselves.

And now I’m going to stop writing before I lather myself into a hole of self-pity and theological consternation at 11:45 on a worknight. plenty of time for that over the next few years, my friends. PLENTY OF TIME.

But, I just thought I’d say it: BEHOLD. you are reading a future minister’s words. take stock and grains of salt as needed.

on a lovely april day

so, yes! the grand blog experiment of february DID result in at least ONE productive thing: i finished those gorgeous fingerless gloves and i gave them to gibson! (it is a serendipitous wonder indeed that, in true literary style of ME, the words “gibson” and “gloves” are alliterative. small feats such as this bring me great joy.)

gibson is one patient woman. she won these gloves on february 11, and did NOT receive them until about four days ago. let’s not go into the crazy schedule that consumed my life for nearly the entire month of march; instead, let’s just say… wow, gibson. you are well-conditioned to waiting. were you regularly at the end of the lunch line as a kid?

also, gibson is very cute. see photo below.

the two of us shared a lovely, unseasonably warm april afternoon in Cathedral Hill. it was SO WARM outside that we not only got to sit outside, but i even drank iced tea. WITHOUT GETTING GOOSEBUMPS.

we talked about the church, about being recovering bible camp counselors (can i call you “recovering,” gibson?), about needing space for flexibility and ideas and openness within systems of belief. (speaking of which: did anyone else hear about how awesome jennifer knapp is recently?!)

all the while, i was admiring how well the fingerless gloves match her green eyes, green purse, green wallet, and even lime-green tea. yup: i think those gloves found themselves a nice little home.

the amazing fingerless glove giveaway

about four years ago, before i started seminary, i started a pair of fingerless gloves.

i never finished them. these sad little ones have been sitting, 3/4 done in my closet, for YEARS.

That changes this month. This month, I will finish them. You know why? Since in February I’m blogging every day, I thought it is only natural to engage in a classic blog maneuver: THE GIVEAWAY.

they fit a woman’s sized-ish hand, but anyone is welcome to enter. all you need to do is 1) post a comment, and 2) tell me (in the comment) what you (or your loved one might) plan to do wearing these lovelies this spring.

i promise to pick a commenter AT RANDOM and will announce the winner on Friday; the gloves will be finished and mailed out by the end of my February blog-a-day experiment. comments close by midnight tonight!