seeing projects through a new lens

my parents gave me a new lens for my camera this christmas (yay for early christmas presents!). it came in the mail yesterday, so I snapped a few shots of my knitting and my cat (because what else do I ever write about on this blog? oh wait, food.)

our friend ala is visiting from out of town, and she’s been reinspiring my love for knitting! these yellow socks i was working on all the way back during B’s and my trip to europe. that’s a year and a half ago, folks. sometimes my penchant for starting new projects approaches lunacy.

but nevertheless, i have also started a new project (even a couple more which aren’t pictured here!): cabled alpaca mittens!

hmm. Lu doesn’t seem to mind that I knit more projects than I can finish. I think I like her perspective on the world: take naps, eat well, snuggle. in other words, do what makes you happy.


and the cat came back

B took this picture of lu over the weekend, and of course i couldn’t resist posting it. she just looks too mischievous to pass this one up!

And lately, she has been one mischievous cat. She’s also been spending a lot of time under our bed, snuggled up to yet another one of my unfinished knitting projects. Inside that bag is a half-knit yellow cardigan. Maybe someday I’ll finish and tell you guys ALL about it! But first, of course, because of my last post, I have to master worms and hydroponic gardens.

Also, another announcement (buried in the middle of a CAT post so that maybe no one will notice?): I’ve decided to (try to) get ordained. It’s going to be a long (YEARS-long) process that I will document here, which is going to be uncomfortable because I will actually have to start talking about stuff I “believe in” instead stuff that I don’t. Which is obviously difficult because I don’t really know what I “believe in”, first and foremost because I think “believing in” something is a post-enlightenment concept that we don’t conscienticize or evaluate for ourselves.

And now I’m going to stop writing before I lather myself into a hole of self-pity and theological consternation at 11:45 on a worknight. plenty of time for that over the next few years, my friends. PLENTY OF TIME.

But, I just thought I’d say it: BEHOLD. you are reading a future minister’s words. take stock and grains of salt as needed.