Oh day of laziness and lists

Ok, I have to admit, I am completely uncertain about this whole Post Every Day thing. I think it might be a bad idea, largely because right now, I’m like, dude. The last thing I want to do is talk to the whole world. Sorry folks, it’s not that you’re not nice… it’s just that for reals, I’d rather settle in with my soup and my bf and my cat and wonder when those two kids Ross and Rachel are finally going to get together.

I mean, come on, if that video doesn’t make you want to be a couch potato, what does??

But ok. I’ve made a commitment. And if there’s one thing I’ve been digging about 2010, it’s been setting goals for myself and actually kind of meeting them–partly because of this ole’ blog right here. back on january 4, I made four resolutions: to be less crabby about housework, to get to bed earlier, to eat all the veggies in the martha stewart cookbook that i own, and to run a 10k.

So, I think I’m a little better at the housework (in particular, dishes) thing–not perfect, but I’d say I’ve improved, and am at least doing dishes with some more regularity and some less fury. What I’ve most succeeded at is getting to bed earlier, on most weeknights before midnight. And, although I’m not making a concerted effort to explicitly eat the vegetables that Martha says I should, I’ve been doing a better job of creating a healthy menu for the week, cooking most nights, and having the leftovers for lunch the next day (this is also related to my scheme of saving more money. also good.).

With that said, as long as I’m doing this whole self-improvement thing, and as long as I’m making myself blog every day, I may as well make some more goals out of it. So, here they are:

  1. Exercise three times a week, and I will report said exercise here. (Fear! Trembling! Future fury with myself will ensue!)
  2. Once each weekend, I will cook something fancy and write about it here. (Like the stuffed cabbage of yesterday’s lore).
  3. FINALLY finish putting things up on our apartment walls (take pictures, and post them)
  4. Finish the messenger bag I was going to sew for B at the onset of medical school (now six months ago and counting), and
  5. Forgive myself when I do not complete all of these goals. (Shoot for the moon and land in the stars, right? Right-o).

Sigh. It will be fun to hold myself accountable to ALL THAT. That is like my Dream Al, right there. But, I will hold myself accountable to each and every one of you who actually (really?) read this blog, because hey, if you check in here, you deserve my honesty. And my love. And devotion.

Also, because it’s fun, a list of two links:

  1. My adorable cousin Maren wrote about me (sort of) on her blog. If you click through, you’ll get to see a thoroughly embarrassing picture of me in the prime of childhood.
  2. I’m now a published theologian. Please don’t hate me.

Until tomorrow–and let’s hope I run or something.



here they are:

1) stop getting crabby and upset over housework. it’s only daily life.

2) go to sleep (not just BED) before midnight on worknights.

3) eat all the vegetables featured in our Martha Stewart cookbook (this is carried over from last year).

4) Run a 10k.

welp. I already broke #2. Here’s hoping.