stop focusing on my family

reason #53,760,982,348,762,358,601 not to like the Super Bowl:

sexist advertisements make me feel like puking.

but i’m still going to mom and dad’s tomorrow to watch it, mostly because they also promised laundry, soup, and a bubble bath.


will the third wave please raise her hand?

I’ve written about women a lot.  You probably don’t know it, because i haven’t really done it here.  But check it out.  Not only do I care about “women’s” issues, I also think we have a freaking moral obligation (grounded in my nauseatingly uncertainfaith‘) to ensure the equity of all people.  And i’m probably jaded and stubborn and a little bit blinded by my own perspective, but i pretty much think that as far as we might have come on the equality of women, we’re nowhere even freaking close to where we should be, must be, need to be.  can i get an amen, third-wavers?

Thanks to the New York Times for apparently taking on women’s rights this week.  I don’t know if it was coincidence or planned (I imagine planned), but a lot of columnists spoke about women, something we should all be doing a lot more often.

I think a lot of it has to do with this study (via Judith Warner), which claims that in the past four decades, women’s  self-declared happiness has actually decreased in spite of all the supposed improvements we’ve made.

Maureen Dowd wrote about the gender-based inequities within the Catholic church.  Joanne Lipman spoke about how women’s progress has stalled (what? women still earn only .77 cents to the man’s dollar for the same work?), despite what has been extolled in the recently-released Shriver Report.  And MinnPost reports on the recent debate in England over whether men need to be present in the delivery room (which sounds like a load of hogwash to me).

what is it with the world and women?  in developing countries, women are hit harder by poverty, illness, and social status.  in the developed world women are constantly oversexualized in the media and undercredited at work.  meanwhile, the third wave of feminism (including me) has to insist on being all postmodern, anti-structure, and afraid of making hard and fast statements about what is right, what is wrong, and what is fair. i know i’m not backing this up with any hard facts; i’m just blowing off some steam.  but my question is ultimately this: when is the third wave going to raise her hand, clear her throat, and say precisely: “WTF?!”