sparkle summer sun

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the heat is so unbearable, the air so heavy with dew, that the best thing to do is spend as much time as possible at the lake. This year, I had the pleasure of hosting a ladies’ weekend at my parentscabin in Bone Lake, Wisconsin.

There is a special joy to going up to the lake cabin in summertime. Something about it makes us kid-like again, encouraging cannonballs, overeating of junk food, and irresponsible sun protective behaviors. The heat, the humidity, the thunderstorms, the sparkle of sun on the lake, the loon calls… they come together to create a world that feels like nothing in this world has changed or ever will. And now, as I’m closing in on my 29th birthday, I more than ever appreciate fresh reminders of childhood, making it feel like I only left it behind the last corner I turned.

On the lake, the water is big, the sky is big, the weather is big, and our laughter is big. The world feels so expansive, even contained only to the horizon around us.

Cabin food has always been delicious, but grown-up tastebuds mean we get to enjoy grilled pizza, chocolate cake made richer with coffee, and of course, the occasional adult beverage.

Do you have a special lake in your life?


scenes from the early new year.

wonderful friends came to visit me and B for new years eve. we went to my parents’ cabin in northern wisconsin. it was cold, beautiful, and just what i needed to kick the year off right.

note: not my pictures.

Photo: Jennie